Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have lost a student paper.

One I didn't grade yet.

I let the student hand it in late - there were mitigating circumstances. I could not grade it right away because I have been SOCKED with work this semester.

I saw it yesterday and thought, "I need to grade that tomorrow."

Now I cannot find it. I do NOT have the three or four hours it would take to totally dismantle my office to find it. I hate going to the student and going, "Yeah, I lost your paper. Can you print me another copy?"

This has been a horrible week. I've screwed lots of stuff up, I've had to deal with some very unreasonable people, I've come this close to putting my head down on the desk and crying a couple times.

I guess my break between classes will be spent hunting for the paper, rather than trying to get the research done I need to do sometime today.

I'm exhausted and I just want to cry. I have no time to myself this semester; I am teaching 15 credit hours (3 overload; one more credit hour and they'd have to pay me more) and trying to do some research.

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Sheila O'Malley said...

Hang in there, ricki!

Did you find the paper? What ended up happening?

Hope you are well.