Monday, February 09, 2009

Good thing...

...that I'm not God.

Because if I were, there'd be a WHOLE lot of smiting going on, if this is true:

Australia's massively deadly brushfires may have been started by arson.

Australia has been in a 10 year drought. I don't live there and *I* know that.

(And holy crap - that link I have above has photographs of where metal from cars that MELTED in the fire - that's how intense it was - pooled and ran over the ground).

Seriously, I so do not get people sometimes. Someone actually started a fire during a 10 year long drought. I can only hope it was someone so stupid that they didn't realize it would be a major problem. Or maybe I don't. I don't know. It must have been horrible, having heard some of the accounts on the radio - people could not outrun it, the flames were dozens of feet high. Unbelievable.


The Fifth String said...

I've held off since this morning, for fear of writing an unprintable (on your blog) comment.

You know my feelings about vandals.

Arsonists? Simple killing is too easy. Even if they are simply stupid, some pain must be involved.

I'll stop now. I'm burning.

Kate P said...

There was a really bad fire near where I live, last summer--that was horrible to see, and that was an accident. This is thousands of times worse.

There's been really bad arson in a county not too far from me lately. People are scared. I hope they catch the people behind such terrible things. What would make someone do something like that?