Thursday, February 12, 2009


And it feels so good (yeah, cheesy song, I know)

My computer was in the shop for over a week. It got some blasted virus infection (I have spy ware and adware removers, but my virus protection had lapsed).

So I took it in, bleated about my own stupidity at not updating, and told them to do what they needed to.

203 "suspicious" items and a new version of McAfee later, I have the computer back.

So now I can surf from home. Buy stuff from etsy (for some reason, my campus will not let you use that site). Cuss with abandon if I want to.

I always feel like there's a hole in my life when something I use a lot is broken - I felt the same way when my car was in the shop. It's more than just, "gee, that's inconvenient," it's more...I don't something is NOT RIGHT on a more gut level. It goes beyond inconvenient.

But now I have my computer back with McAfee clicking away in the background to make sure no viruses get in, and it's all good.


Kate P said...

Yay! (And BOO! to viruses. Virii. Whatever.)

Mr. Bingley said...

I hates me computer virii.