Thursday, February 26, 2009

Put me out of my misery, please

So I'm in here, frantically grading, when a student stops by.

A student from the class that took the exam today (though she was not there; in fact, she was someone I reported last week for "excessive absences.")

She wanted to know what she missed.

(I will now pause as you pick your jaw up off the floor).

She then asked me, "Oh, did we have a test this week?"

I told her that yes, in fact, we had had one today. Her face gets a little puckery. "So I missed it?"

"Yes, you did."

Then I began with the "leading" questions. I am not an ogre, honestly I am not. I asked if she'd been sick, or if there'd been a family emergency, or things like that.

"No," she replied. "I just had a lot of stuff to do. Can I take a make up test?"

I asked again - was there some demonstrable emergency?

"No, I Just. Had. A. Lot. Of. Stuff. To. Do."

I asked her if she was ready to take the test that minute - my rule is, if someone needs a makeup BEFORE they're graded and handed back, OK.

"No, I don't even have the review sheet." (Which I handed out - let me see - OVER A WEEK AGO).

So I told her no, no makeups. She said, "So that will kind of hurt my grade, then."

"Yes, I'm afraid it will."

"How much is lab worth?" (I assume she's trying to figure out how she can still pull a passing grade at this point.) I told her and she left.

But, crikey. That takes the effin' cake. "I just had stuff to do." If she had an emergency, I would expect she'd say: I had an emergency, I could not be in class. But to me, "stuff to do" means that class is at the BOTTOM of her priorities. Which means I have ZERO motivation to bend the rules and bust my hump for her.

If you "just have things to do," honey, you might withdraw from college for a few semesters, do them, then come back when you're more focused, OK?


nightfly said...

Hang tough, Ricki.

(w/v = "pectre" - acronym. "Pupils Expecting Cushy Treatment, Resisting Education.")

Caltechgirl said...

this is why my syllabi say explicitly "no makeup tests without prior arrangement or demonstrable proof of emergency"

Mr. Bingley said...

Ha! My Bride has some tales like that from her students as well. It is astounding sometimes, really.

These kiddies are going to get one hell of a shock when they realize the gravy train of the 90s and early 2000s is most seriously over.

WV: "unerdiso" A recently discovered unfinished opera by Puccinni

Kate P said...

A lot of stuff to do?

Lemme guess, her nails look professionally done.