Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday moment of happy....

This has been a bad, strange, and strange-bad week.

But this little video makes things a little better:

Firefighters in the Australian bush fires come across a young koala and give it water.

My favorite parts of the video - as the guy is walking up to the koala: " all right, buddy?" and then "Can I get some WAH-TUH here? Some WAH-TUH?" (At first I was concerned his yelling for WAH-TUH would scare the koala away but it didn't).

And then the koala puts its paws on the guy's hand.

I think this video demonstrates why the stereotype of firefighters is a good one - they are the toughest people out there, and yet, when a chance like this comes up, they're all heart.

Oh, and more happy - the koala (its paws were scorched) was taken to a wildlife rehab center to recover.


The Fifth String said...

It's Smokey Koala!

Thanks Ricki, this made me smile and gave me an idea. But first I have work to do.

WV: swarlcat - Not sure but I think it might be an Australian marsupial cat-analogue.

The Fifth String said...

And it's posted.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

It will get by with a little help from its friends.

Amazing that the koala would let people approach it like that. Perhaps it was a bit addled from thirst.