Friday, February 20, 2009

quick post

Thanks Sheila,

I'm hanging in there - it's just been a difficult week, made a bit more challenging by the fact that I've had lots of stuff to get done outside of class stuff.

The student is bringing me a new copy of her paper; she doesn't seem as concerned about the fact that I lost it as I am. (I have a hard time forgiving myself for mistakes.)

One good thing is that it looks now like a research thing I thought was going to require me to spend the whole weekend in the lab, won't.


Kate P said...

Hope that means you get some time for yourself this weekend! :)

Mr. Bingley said...

Yeah, my Bride was ripping her office and out house apart a few weeks ago in the same sort of situation; some student who turned a paper in late. Not fun.

Mr. Bingley said...

er, "our" house, not "out" house....hehehehe

nightfly said...

Heheheh, Bings.... hoepfully said paper doesn't deserve to be put BACK in the outhouse.

Ricki, you know you're a terrific woman and we're all on your side. Prayers from this quarter (and hopefully worth at least that much in the divine currency).

(w/v - "mated."
e4 .. e5
Bc4 .. Nc6
Qf3 .. Nd4??
Qxf7, w/v is mated.)