Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"You're Welcome"

So the giant wanking stimulus bill becomes law today.

I haven't read the whole thing (why should I? The congress-critters didn't) but apparently there's a lot of relief for people who spent irresponsibly.

So to all the people who bought stuff they couldn't afford, who ran up their credit cards, who did all the stuff that I didn't do, and now I'm going to be paying for with increased taxes: You're welcome. To the executives who ran their businesses badly, that I am now bailing out with the (metaphorical) sweat of my brow: you're welcome. To all of the legislators who slipped a little pork (heh. She said 'pork') into the bill, so they can get re-elected by their bamboozled constituents: you're welcome.

I'd like to hear a "thank you" but one thing I've learned in this life is that people NEVER thank you. For anything. It's a lost art.

Feh. It PISSES ME OFF that I am getting screwed for living responsibly. If the government tries to get its slimy hands on the money I've put aside in my Roth and in my various SRA accounts, that's when I go ballistic.

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