Saturday, May 02, 2009

Alainis Morissette, white courtesy phone, please

I heard this on the radio this morning.

Apparently Congress is taking up the issue of the BCS and how a "national champion" is decided in college football.*

(I guess they have nothing better to do?**)

One legislator - I think he was from Texas - excoriated the system, saying, "It's a failed system, just like Communism."

So of course the GOVERNMENT has to step in and tell the colleges how to run their show.


(*As a college professor who has taught "student athletes," I would argue that the LAST thing we need to do is to make college football more like pro football. Already the college football players tend to have overblown senses of their own importance - a giant sense of entitlement - and, in some cases, a tendency to criminal activity because they think they will be given a pass because they are SUPERSTARS!

NO. This is college. You are supposedly getting an education and I am sick of having people who probably should never have been admitted to school, who have poor study habits and a worse attitude, acting as if I should give them a passing grade because of who they are.)

(**That said, I'd much rather see them screw up college football than screw up the health care system in this country. Or screw up people being able to invest money for retirement. Or screw the tax system up worse than it already is)

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