Friday, May 01, 2009


Seriously. This is the first Friday in, like six weeks (well, not really, we got Good Friday off) where I haven't had to stick around in my office until 4 pm or later because of meetings.

So I'm done with my grading. I've completed the "final exam review sheets" (really just long lists of topics I want the students to study; I figure these things are mainly Dumbo's Feathers anyway). So, I have nothing more I HAVE to do today.

I think I'm going to run in for a bit tomorrow and work on a paper. And I've been hired to evaluate a chapter for a new textbook; I might start on that tonight.

But at home.
Where I can have a nice cup of tea while I work and the phone won't ring and I have a dehumidifier (it's been wicked humid here and it's upsetting my asthma).

And tonight, getting to sleep at a decent hour. Yes.

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