Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have no idea

...why this cat is making these sounds. (I presume it's scared/upset about something, based on its posture, and the fact that this is kind of growling).

But all the sadness about poor kitty being scared aside, it's actually pretty funny.

I can't help but laugh at "oh Don Piiiaaannnnno"


nightfly said...

Right after Oh Don Piano, it sounds rather like he says "Why I oughta..." It's just captioned wrong.

All things considered, I agree with the cat - he really oughta. You're right, this cat feels very threatened, and it is unwise to stick a camera in such a cat's mug. You can tell by how it moves that the camera's really close. Use zoom, or ur face shal feel mah wrath.

nightfly said...

PS - the last little picture link after the clip finishes is a slightly longer clip, with no captions. The camera, mercifully, pulls back and you can see another cat about six feet away, serenely meowing. The feeling, it is not mutual.

Sheila O'Malley said...

I can't believe those sounds!!! I've never heard my cat make a sound like that!

Those whiskers, too, are blowing me away.