Friday, May 08, 2009

just because it's called an "appeal" doesn't mean it's appealing...

I had a "grade appeal notice" this morning.

From a student who has done BOO all semester. Who was rude when he came to class, who skipped most of the classes, who didn't turn in half the work he was supposed to.

And now - OH NOES! - he finds he won't graduate with the two Fs (one from a previous semester when he took my class and FAILED and one from this semester).

So he went and cried to an administrator. He's working three jobs, wah wah wah. He won't graduate wah, wah, wah.

Well, this little graphic pretty well sums things up. (Except $300 is waaaaaaaaay too cheap. In fact, technically, any price would be too cheap because my integrity is worth more to me than money. But whatever. The part about going back in time still stands.)

I e-mailed the person back and politely said, the guy sucked rocks in my class and he was rude to some of the other students; I don't think he deserves a mercy pass.

Blowback HO! I'm just bracing for someone to come to me with a Very Sad Face or for the thing to be changed without my approval.

But you know? I don't flippin' care any more. Dude is never going to get a kick-ass job with the attitude he has. I'm DONE with people who think they can slack their way through college and then get a better-paying job than the ones their profs have. I'm DONE with people who think it's funny and cute to be rude to the other students and the prof.

One week. One more week. This time next week I will be packing my bags to go visit my family.

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Kate P said...

I think you were right to speak your mind, diplomatically, regardless of the outcome. (And I love that graphic--I am picturing you teaching in pearls!)