Friday, May 15, 2009

ice has melted

Thanks, Dave, that was good.

Well, I turned in (most of) my grades yesterday, am going to turn in the last few today. I have a short meeting (we are hiring a new instructor and have to choose one - choose between someone who nearly put FACULTY who KNOW THIS STUFF to sleep and could not answer a couple of not-so-complex questions on the topic, and someone who had us laughing (in a good way) during her lecture and was able to field even tough questions with grace and good humor. Should not be a long meeting, I anticipate.)

And for any of the special snowflakes who want to complain about their grade:

they can kiss my surprisingly-well-toned-for-a-fat-girl butt

Any special snowflakes who think I've "ruined their lives" by allowing their grade to be the B or C that they EARNED:

they can kiss my backside

Anyone who wants to beg for a D instead of the F they so richly deserve, because the F means they're off the team:

pucker up, bucko.

I'm done, I'm ready to go visit family for a week, I don't want to HEAR it. The time to express concern about your grade is mid-semester, when I can still help you, when there is still something that can be done. NOT at the end of the semester when I cannot offer any tutoring that would help, when there are no more points to be assigned, when I'm already too busy with other things.

Not one of the three people who've come crying to me in the past day or so about grades came in to see me during the regular semester or expressed anything but complacency about how their grades were going. So it's too late, baby, now, it's too late.


The Fifth String said...

surprisingly-well-toned-for-a-fat-girl buttYeah? I'm from Missouri. Show Me.


Kate P said...

You rock, chickie--enjoy some well-earned rest.