Friday, June 27, 2008


Other people are as fed-up with the "ooooh, it's so so so bad" media handwringing as I am:

The Anchoress linked Brutally Honest post where Mr. Brutally Honest discusses his distaste for it, and also links a video of a Harley-Davidson ad that seems to take on the trend to handwringing.

It contains the line: "Fear sucks (and it doesn't last long), so screw it, let's ride."

Now, I'm not a biker (and that's actually a visual that makes me on a Harley), but I can get behind that.

Mr. BH also adds:

"We don't need effeminate, limp-wristed metrosexual hand-wringers, fresh from getting their eyebrows plucked and carrying their man-purses, telling us how bad things are. The reality is that things could be oh so much worse. What we do need is someone to step up and remind us that we've overcome one helluva lot more in our not too distant past and the smart people of Harley Davidson are filling the void."

I don't use certain words on this blog, so you'll have to imagine what I'm saying when I say, "Mr. Brutally Honest, **** yeah!" (Or, to use what we used to use as a term of approbation in high school: "****in' A!")

Because yeah. I'm tired of being told how I'm gonna die soon, how the world's falling to bits, how my money doesn't buy what it used to, how there are ALL THESE PROBLEMS and they're REALLY BIG PROBLEMS and people sit around and whine and moan about them without doing boo to alleviate them.

I'd add to Mr. Brutally Honest's description: We also don't need nagging Picky Aunt Ethel types (apologies to anyone who actually is named Ethel) - the person who sits on the sofa at the party and warns us about how we're going to BREAK stuff and how we're making too much NOISE and how it really isn't GOOD FOR A PERSON to eat so much ice cream at one go. The nanniers. The finger-waggers. The people who seem to be so incapable of having fun that they'd prefer to prevent fun in other people. The But-it's-for-your-own-good-ers.

Yes, yes. I know that you think I should never eat cookies and it's for my own good you're telling me that. I know you think that I should not be sedentary reading a book on an afternoon when I could be out destroying my knees and ankles "enhancing my health" by jogging and it's for my own good you're telling me that. I know you are telling me to turn the air conditioner temperature up to 80 degrees for my own good (and for the earth's).

but you know what Nanny? Shut. Up.

Really, seriously. Most Americans are just enough of an "Up Yours!" mindset that they're going to reach a point with the nannies where - well - it's not going to be pretty. Things are going to get put (or at least there's going to be the implication that they will be put) in places where the sun doesn't shine. Rude gestures will be made. People will eat oooey gooey cupcakes right in front of you, Ms. Nanny, just to prove what they feel about you and your brand of "shouldn't do that!"

Because once in a while, having an oooey gooey cupcake is fun, regardless of what you may say about sugar and fat.

As I said before: Fun is good. I like fun. True, my idea of "fun" may be different (and more sedate) than your idea of fun, but I'm happy to say "God bless you" as you go off and do what you find fun.

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Nina said...

I am so with you on this. I am tired of living in fear of basically everything. Great post!