Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oh, thank goodness

God bless the person who invented ibuprofen. Seriously.

I got the permanent crown on today. It wasn't that bad, but because that tooth still has a living root, the dentist warned me: when the Novocaine wears off, it's probably gonna hurt for a while. (Because he had to keep re-fitting the thing, then taking it off and grinding it down - it was too high). All that messing with the tooth upset the nerve.

Man, he was right. I ran a couple errands, then I got home, and realized the whole left side of my mouth was throbbing like heck. So badly I couldn't even concentrate on the magazine I was trying to read. (The Paula Deen cooking one, which I'm not resubscribing to - none of the recipes are really anything I'd make, a lot of the cakes are doctored-up mixes [horrors!] and the rest is kind of the low-grade-celebrity fluff that turns me off).

So I took a couple of Advil. (Well, really the Target generic form of Advil...way cheaper). It's been not quite a half an hour and the pain is gone.

If I have pain again when I get in bed tonight, I'm going to take a couple more. Yeah, I know, there are limits on how many you're supposed to take, but I'm a good-sized woman. (My brother - well, he weighs more than I do but not VASTLY more - was told by his doctor that once in a while, if he was having REALLY bad pain [this was after he broke his collarbone in a bike accident], he could take three at a go. Not often. Certainly not do it every dose. But I figure if a doctor said that it's probably OK for a largeish woman to take a total of four of the regular-sized tablets over a seven or eight hour span.

I just hope this clears up fast. I don't really "notice" how bad pain is when I'm having it but it kind of clouds everything - I can't work as effectively, I have to concentrate harder while doing things like driving, I can't enjoy relaxation time. I manage, but I'm not happy. The funny thing is, I really don't "notice" it as being painful, what I "notice" is that I don't feel like I'm supposed to.

Not sure what I'm going to eat tonight. I do have some broth in the fridge and maybe I'll try my hand at making spaetzle to go in it. What I'd really LIKE is a milkshake but I fear the cold might not be good for the tooth.


Ken S, Fifth String on the Banjo of Life said...

My condolences, dear.

The bro is right, though. Take triple the OTC dose for the first shot, then regular to keep swatting it back. As I gather, triple is the original prescription dosage.

Unfortunately, I am one of those weird people who have a great reaction the first time (only) I take a new med. Never works again as well as it did the first time.

Kate P said...

What Ken said about the presciption equivalent dose. And many happy smiles with the new crown.

Kate P said...

Arrgh, "prescription," I meant. Jeez, last night I couldn't comment anywhere with Blogger, and now I'm screwing it up. Sorry!

Maggie May said...

My doctor told me the regular prescription dose is 4 regular advil...800mg (the pills are 200 each).

I don't often take them, but when I do, I take 4, and haven't gotten sick or anything. Of course my insides may be rotting away as we speak.

At any rate...feel better.